Welcome To Meal Planning For Weight Loss

I’m a current professional who’s married with 3 children with my oldest in her freshman year of college.  This got me and my wife thinking of different ways of reaching our goals while helping our communities around us reach theirs. Health and fitness are a way of life in our household, and our friends and neighbors know this. We give advice on a daily basis for best practices for cooking, maintaining weight, losing weight or just becoming more fit in general. I believe that we have an invaluable skill to offer the 40+ community that haven’t quite figured out what works with the balance of life.

Meal Planning is important because it provides more of everything that’s important to me, including quality time with my family, a flexible schedule, and the opportunity to leave a stronger footprint in my community.  My goal is to leave the world a better place than I found it, I can do well for my family by doing good for others in my community and the world.