Meal Prep 101

💥Amidst hectic weekday schedules, meal prep/meal planning is a great tool to keep us on track. 💥

🤷Sometimes prepping can be hit or miss though depending on technique. Things are bound to go wrong in the kitchen at times, but it doesn’t mean meal prep has to be a bust.

⚠When it comes to freezing, some foods work better than others.

Cooked meals tend to freeze well in airtight containers. Foods with high moisture content, such as salad greens, tomatoes, or watermelon, are not recommended as they tend to become mushy.

🛑The takeaway

⚠If the texture of a frozen food becomes undesirable after thawing, the ingredients might still be used in cooked recipes such as soups and stews.

In the case of soup/stew, the water escapes the vegetables and makes the base a bit more runny when thawing.

🛑The takeaway

Make soup/stew a bit thicker than you normally would before freezing…use a bit of corn starch to thicken it even further.

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